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One crutch of an adventure in Melbourne

Melbourne is located in the south-western part of Australia and is the Capital of the Australian state Victoria. Prior to my trip, I met with a injury which left me on partial weight bear on my right foot. Having to use a crutch wherever I went really slowed down my movement as well as limited the type of physical activities I could do; I had little expectations of the fun I could experience, However I proved myself wrong otherwise.

During my first couple of days in Melbourne, I ventured down south to see the coastal rock formations of the Twelve Apostles. While I was there, I also crutched up to see the Loch Ard Gorge and the stunning Razorback formations. It was a tiring experience with my left leg bearing most of my weight, however i did not regret it one bit. 

A close up on one of the Twelve Apostles

The Loch Ard Gorge

The Razorback formation

My crutches did not stop me from taking a helicopter ride to view the beauty of the formations from above; being partly handicapped and crutching my way up the helicopter made this experience extra memorable.

Aerial View of the Twelve Apostles

Aerial Shot of another Helicopter in the Air

Aerial Shot of  a flock of  Seagulls 

The Great Ocean Road is also situated in the Southern part of Victoria. Driving down and passing by the Oceans just gives you this therapeutic vibe. Lowering down the windows and hearing the oceans crash by the shore brings you sense of calmness which puts you at ease. It truly is one the most beautiful roads to drive on. I would really recommend people to drive in the evening, the reason being that when the sun sets it illuminates the sky and paints it with streaks of orange and yellow; a sight not to be missed.

Azure blue skies 

View of the hills and the sea 

Beautiful orange and yellow sunset hues 

If you're someone who appreciates nature and wildlife, then you would love south Victoria. The Great Otway National park is home to many wildlife and greenery. Though I was there for a short while, I saw countless of beautiful birds and trees. Within an hours drive, you would be able to drive to a family owned animal park called Maru Koala and animal park. Feeding and interacting with the Kangaroo's is a guarantee and if you're lucky enough you would be able see Koalas climbing around and feeding on leaves, unfortunately for me the one I saw were all asleep; a good experience nonetheless.

Bird Watching at the Great Otway National Park

Close up of a Kangaroo

A Pony feeding on the food held within my hand

Taking a ride in a century old steam train has always been in my to-do list. The Puffing Billy made my virgin experience a breathtaking one. Imagine yourself sitting by the edge of the train doors and journeying through the mountain tracks; the thought of it just brings back such astounding memories. Ever changing rates of speed, blurs of nothingness to remember, blurs of so much I wish I could remember.

Riding through the dense and lush greenery

A young girl sticking her head out to get a better view

Puffing Billy's mechanic has had over 40 years of experience

Situated right along the track route of the Puffing billy is the Emerald lake. It's one of those places where locals gather during the weekends to unwind and relieve themselves of the stress built up during the work week. Though my stay there was short, I'm glad to have been able to catch a glimpse of the Victorian lakeside lifestyle.

Families having fun on the Aqua Bicycle

A wooden bridge linking to the other side of the river

Soothing mellow vibes 

Well enough of the outskirts of Melbourne, if you're wondering why I haven't talked the city itself it's because I'm saving the best parts for the last. Melbourne is well known for its back alleys and laneways, from graffiti art to posh Cafes you'll get to see both sides of the spectrum if you you explore the city centre.

A Graffiti artist working on his street art

Most Laneways in Melbourne have either Cafes or Bars

A typical back alley in Melbourne 

How many of you can recall that childhood moment? When we experienced happiness as a state of being. When everything in our world was alright. So one fine day I decided to let my inner child act out; I spent half the day sitting on rides, eating tacos and just enjoying the kiddy atmosphere of Melbourne's Luna Park.

Interior of the Luna Park

Swings were always my childhood favourite

Life is like a Ferris wheel, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down

There's just so many things to appreciate when you're in Melbourne; the mix of olden and modern Architecture as well as the beguiling parks which tantalises your urge to cancel your plans and spend the day luxuriating in the lovely atmosphere.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Carlton Gardens

A couple enjoying the peace and quiet in the Botanical gardens

The beautiful skyline from the Eureka Skydeck is a sight not to be missed, especially when you get to see the transition from day to night; sunlight to man made flickering lights. Looking down from such a height just gives you that rush, you feel so much more alive. It was at that moment where I told myself to appreciate even the small things in life, for if not for those things I might not be who I am today.

Melbourne's landscape in the day

Melbourne's landscape during sunset

Melbourne's landscape at night

Life is what you make of it, sometimes you just need to change the way you look at things and embrace everything around you. What started out as a trip with low expectations became one of the most independent and adventurous trips ever. It was a good week of food, culture and scenic wildlife immersion. Would I come back? Definitely.

Any questions for me? Comment and ask about it below! 


  1. Woah, your pictures are amazing. You make me feel like packing my bags and hopping onto a plane ride to just about anywhere in search of adventure. Must be great to be you.

  2. Hey there, thank you for such kind words! The world out there is beautiful and the best travels come unplanned. So if you have the time, go book yourself a flight out and begin your own personal adventure!


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